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Ad Click Through

Number of times users click on an ad.
Ad Click Through Rate

Ad click throughs as a percentage of the number of impressions served.
Ad Impressions

The number of times an advertiser's banner is seen by users.

An online advertisement. This may be a graphic image (see GIF or JPEG) or a combination of HTML and graphic images. Standard banners on MoneyWeb are 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, and must be less than 10kb (10240 bytes) in size.

The generic term for any piece of software that lets you see web pages. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are two of the more popular browsers.

A browser feature that allows web sites to save a limited amount of information to "identify" a user's browser on subsequent visits to a site. Newer browsers give the user the option to reject cookies if they wish.

Cost per thousand ad impressions. CPM is the standard web advertising cost model.
GIF (pronounced "jif")

The most common image file format on the Internet, especially for animated banners. A GIF image can contain up to 256 colours, one of which may be transparent to allow the page background colour to "show through". Several GIF images may be combined into a single GIF file to produce a slideshow or animation effect. Stands for: Graphic Interchange Format. See also JPEG.

The standard file format for internet documents (web pages), able to be displayed by all browsers. HTML files can contain links to other files and web pages on the internet. Stands for: HyperText Markup Language. See also URL.
Internet Directory

A categorised and hierarchically organised listing of Web sites, generally maintained by a group of human "surfers". MoneyWeb is an example of a searchable directory, since you can both browse and search the directory. See also search engine.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

A company or instituation that provides connection to the Internet or hosting of web pages.

Programming language that supports enhanced features such as sound, interactivity, or real-time updating of information. Not supported on all browsers. See also Shockwave.

A common image file format which is very effective at displaying high colour images in a compact file size. JPEG images cannot be animated or have transparent colours. Stands for: Joint Photographic Experts Group. See also GIF.
Jump Page

The page that is displayed when a user clicks on a banner. Often this is just the home page for a product or service, but special promotions may have more complicated pages with user registration or competitions.
Link (Hyperlink)

A clickable connection between Web pages or between an ad and a website. Text links are usually blue and underlined, and change to purple and underlined if you've clicked on them recently. Graphic links can be identified when you move your mouse over a graphic and the pointer changes to a picture of a pointing hand. See also HTML.

Run of Category

Advertising banners that rotate through a specific major category within a web site.

Run of Site

Advertising banners that rotate right across all pages of a site based on available inventory and traffic.

Search Engine

A Web site that employs automated programs called "bots" or "spiders" to search (or "crawl") the Web. Search engines examine every page found to index the information on that page and find links to new pages. Search engines use different parts of the page to try to identify what the page "contains". If you enter a keyword in a search engine, generally you will get a large number of result pages to choose from but they may not always be relevant to what you were looking for. Compare with Internet directory.

A plug-in that allows for multimedia movies to play through a browser. Most newer browsers come with the Shockwave plug-in already installed, otherwise this software must be downloaded and installed into an existing browser.
URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

The address of a web site or a page of a site. It usually begins with "http://" . Every file and page on the Web has a unique URL.

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